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hospitals and two victims remain here. >> one diet died and another is a critical condition. all of the victims are in their 20s. residents say a man and a woman live here and many say they haven't had a chance to get to know them. >> it was a month ago and there has been a whole bunch of ruckus going on ever since. >> ken says he wasn't surprised. >> there was fight out here friday. we heard a couple shots. it's been progressing, so i it's a matter of time before it happened. >> he says watching this violence happen around his young daughter makes him nervous. >> it worried me. the bullets can hit anybody. they don't got names. >> police haven't said what the motive was behind the shootings, whether it was gang-related but this is all under investigation. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news".
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>> cheryl: we're learning new details about a southern california accident that killed four teenagers are from the bay area. it happened in california city east of bakersfield. they confirm all four victims were 19 years old and from oakland. they are identified as malea, david and george moore. a fifth victim is recovering. it appears their suv hit the center divider before rolling over several times. highway 58 is well traveled road to las vegas. >> cheryl: a concord boy is fighting for his life right now after being hit by a car yesterday. it happened on grant street near the boy's school. katie marzullo is live at the scene. >> reporter: it is a dangerous intersection. we've been out here all morning and we had occasion to cross the
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street a couple times. there is no stop light or stop sign, just the paint on the pasmt and this one yellow sign letting you know it is, indeed, pedestrian crossing here. just within the last 30 minutes i heard from oakland children's hospital and spokesman says they have no information on the patient at this time. we know he was taken there with life-threatening injuries. >> students and staff at mount diablo in concord are coming off a holiday weekend learning that one of their own was in a horrible accident yesterday. joe had i hornsby was hit by a car just down the road from the school. they say she was on his way to basketball practice. >> one of kids was actually at the incident and the boy was unconscious. he was bleeding. so he was feeling really bad and posted it on facebook and five others posted the article, as
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well. >> we captured the aftermath. concord police say he was in the crosswalk when he was hit around 1:30 and i does not appear the driver was speeding or drinking. people that know the intersection it's dangerous even under the best circumstances. >> everybody has to speed. >> they should have lights. >> if people are late for school and there are two schools in this area and plus the hospital, if they are hitting the yellow light, it could potentially hit another kid. >> reporter: the principal at the school did not want to be interviewed on camera out of respect for family's privacy. they are hoping that joey makes a full recovery. the team has a game tonight, one that will be certainly hard for the team. >> cheryl: we have new
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information now about a street shooting in antioch that injured a woman inside her home. police say a man standing in the street opened fire on a pickup that was driving by at about 6:00 last night. one of those bullets went through a second-story window hitting a 31-year-old woman who was in a bedroom with her little boy. fortunately the boy wasn't hurt and itself woman is expected to recover. this the third time the home has been hit by a bullet. >> kristen: a smoke directorer help save lives. it broke out near the living room fireplace shortly before 7:00 a.m. one unit was destroyed. another was badly damaged. it took 30 firefighters to put the fire out. thankfully everybody got out safely. firefighters say the blaze does not appear to be suspicious. >> following an emergency meeting, they are strongly
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condemning north korea's latest nuclear test. the u.n. says the test poses a threat to international peace and security. overnight. north korea announced it's successfully tested and third and most powerful nuclear device. north korea says it was merely the first response to u.s. threats and vows to continue. >> kristen: president obama is putting the finishing touches on the state of the union tonight. he is expected to focus on jobs but also on gun control and a new development this morning in afghanistan. karen travevs joins us live from washington. >> reporter: good morning. the white house is looking at inauguration state of the union as two acts in the same play. first speech laid out the vision and now he will layout the game plan. >> tonight president obama launches his second term policy agenda and no surprise, it will
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be heavily focused on the economy. >> you will hear an outline for his plan to create jobs and grow the middle-class. >> to do that he will call for a new program, new spending as way to stimulate growth and republicans will say washington cannot just cut it's a way to prosperity. president obama has a key theme from his reelection campaign. >> he will focus the proposal to help the middle-class grow and help the economy. >> looming in the near future those automatic spending cuts that congress delayed at new year's to avoid the fiscal cliff. if lawmakers can't reach a deal by the march 1st deadline they need to pass a short term fix. she also expected to announce for the first time one year from tonight, 34,000 troops will be home from afghanistan. that is half the currently level serving now but will it be gun
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control that will spark the emotional moment tonight. there be 3 dozen people that have been affected by gun violence. the parents of fort pendleton, also a family of a person that was gunned down at a park in including and also in attendance will be gab. >> the republican response will be given by cashing oh cube yeo and he will push for smaller government and immigration reform. >> cheryl: two well known people with bay area ties will be joining the first lady for the state of the union address. tim cook will be sitting with michelle obama for the speech. he is flying cross-country after speaking at a conference in san francisco. mrs. obama also invited nasa engineer. he spent his childhood in the bay area and became famous
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during the mars curiosity mission. >> kristen: you can watch it live and also at beginning at 6:00 as karen mentioned. mark co-reib yeo in florida will give the republican response. wheel of for tune will air at 7:30, followed by shop competition, the pace and then join the weather team to look at inside bay area weather. modern family will air and then body of praof followed by "abc 7 news" at 11:00. >> we move here. the manhunt expands to mexico for a suspected los angeles cop killer. could christopher dorner slipped across the border? >> new details about the pope's resignation, secret surgery and new signs he has been planning
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the ceo of san francisco porn company was arrested for drug possession and prompted. peter adler uploaded a video of himself firing guns. police paid the building a visit after seeing the video online. officers say they found cocaine on the property and took him into the custody. was featured in a
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documentary that appeared at sundance film festival. >> cheryl: happening now, a southern california elementary school is closed after a reported threat by murder suspect christopher dorner. they are reporting holy angels school is closed after threats against the church or threats against the family of the passion for. tmz obtained this video that looked by dorner buying scuba gear. they think he may have gone to mexico to avoid prosecution but a late night search of a tijuana hotel found nothing. >> new details about the health problems facing pope benedict. a day after he unexpectedly announced his resignation at the catholic church's top leader. vatican revealed that he had a
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secret pacemaker installed and under went a procedure to replace the battery. we're getting the first glimpse where he'll retire. he will move into a four story building attached to a vatican monastery that they have been renovating for months. they are racing to get the work done before he retires. >> there is a lot of sunshine out there today. a little slower started than yesterday and more humidity. temperatures not quite as warm right now as they were yesterday. i still think this we have warmer than average temperatures and we'll hit 70 before the cooler weather hits this weekend. >> and american express teams up with twitter, how you can buy things using a hash tag. >> and it's tuesday, mardi gras
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>> cheryl: twitter is teaming up with american express to be a shopping site. messaging service can shop using
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their american express card. you can tweet a special hash tag and american express will tweet them a message giving you 15 minutes you want to make that purchase. move is an effort by twitter to expand beyond advertising. >> kristen: happening in new orleans, they are celebrating the last day of mardi gras. they have a big parade underway right now. it's packed with partiers for fat tuesday. million people are expected to pack the streets. organizers say the show will definitely go on even if it downpours, it ends at midnight. i would say let the good times roll but you say it better in french. >> you do it. >> you do a good job of it here. [ laughter ]
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firemen firemen [ speaking french ] >> speaking french. >> and let's take what it looked like check out the beautiful picture from mount tamalpais and gorgeous sunrise and see a little purple and yellow and orange. absolutely gorgeous. there is a lot of interesting colors, last month with the sun rises and there is a little bit of humidity. you can see haze and clouds well off the coast as you look emeryville back to san francisco this morning. there is hp pavilion and it's pretty sunny this morning. live doppler 7-hd and you can see the clouds we are seeing from east bay hills camera, well
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offshore. a little curl in the atmosphere and these are what we call eddys that has disrupted the flow and that is why we're dealing with a little more cloud cover and fog. it has disrupted the flow temperatures are cooler right now. 48 in novato. 49 in antioch and low to mid 50s but still beautiful weather outside. so for today, sunny and mild again this afternoon. temperatures will be pretty close to where they were yesterday. clear and cool tonight. fog and a little bit of cloud cover but not as extensive this morning and thursday, possibly friday, that is when it will peak for the highs. san jose, 53 and that is where you should be. redwood city, san francisco, livermore, napa, 2-7 degrees warmer than average. south bay, 63-65.
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redwood city around 64. half moon bay, 64. 52 in the sunset. 64 in downtown south san francisco. 63 at sausalito and is a san rafael. 68 is the warm spot up in santa rosa. temperatures in the mid 60s to even 68 in oakland for the east bayshore. heading inland, 62 in pittsburg and some of the cooler spots to 65 in dublin. low to mid 50s here and carmel and 59. traveling today, 50s through the central valley. nothing going on but sunshine. 43 at tahoe and 60s around san diego. mid-30s tonight except for the san francisco, at about 45. how long this high pressure is going to hang around and how long these temperatures will be above average. thursday and friday that is when
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we spike near 70. a slow cooling saturday and sunday and for the holiday mondays, temperatures back closer to the average and low to to mid 50s for the rest of us and no rain and no snow heading up the to the sierra. >> you have to listen this closely, tonight on jimmy kimmel we have jessica alba, last night he found something to laugh about from the recent blizzard in the northeast. he poked fun at the weather people. >> a lot of people are suffering because of storms. whenever the weather is at worst these very brave and dumb men and women fly directly into it. their networks make them go there. you know nbc has been trying to kill al roker for years. jimmy kimmel liar is weekly a nights at a new time followed by
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abc news at 11:00. "nightline" comes on after jimmy >> a how the hoax went on the air on the montana tv station.
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you don't want to miss the party. abc7 is the only place to watch the on the cars on february 24. get ready with official oscars
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app and check out the features on the nominees and keep track of your favorites. >> coming up at 4:00, water leak in one bay area neighborhood killed hundreds of fish. and at 5:00, red light cameras under fire for accuracy issues. now a major red light camera manufacturer accused in a corruption scandal. >> you got to listen to this. a television station of great falls, montana is the victim of hackers. >> we have the bodies of the dead are rising from the grave and follow the messages on the screen as information becomes available. >> really? engineering at the montana television station are still investigating how hackers pulled off that hoax. great falls bring tribune says it generated phone calls from
11:26 am
viewers wanting to know if it was true. >> no zombie attacks ever occurred. >> thanks for joining
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[dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ >> welcome to the show. ♪ hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. joining me today is a yale senior who hopes to use
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the money he wins today to build a robot who can cook and clean for him. from wilmington, north carolina, please welcome sam spaulding. hey, sam. >> hi, meredith. >> nice to see you. [cheers and applause] now, i'm gonna say at the onset here that i'm a little freaked out at these robots and the notion of a robot. do you envision something that has a face? i mean, what will your robot look like? >> well, yeah, i would envision it to have a face. the idea is that we want you to not be freaked out by the robot. >> right. >> so we want robots that can sort of interact with you like a person, that'll make you feel comfortable, at ease, when you use them. >> but what if they turn on you at night when you're sleeping? see, that's what i think about, like hal in that movie, or-- >> yeah. >> well, what's--yeah, you know? >> well, we're trying to avoid that, you know. >> okay. [laughter] but seriously, this is something you want to study in grad school. you're very serious about it. >> yes, this is definitely-- i'm applying to grad schools right now. i'm definitely looking to try and make a career out of this. >> so you're clearly a smart guy. you're also a good-looking guy. according to the folks at yale, you were voted one of yale's 50 most beautiful people. yes, hello! [cheers

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